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If lowering lab fees by at least 50% is a priority at your practice, StraightSmile Solutions® is ready to guide you down a path that is sure to put a smile on your face – and on those of your patients! While lab fees of aligner cases and IDB cases/braces are continuing to soar, we have the means to bring down costs while enabling you to obtain quicker results and increased profits. Our secret? There’s a couple of options. We can direct you to quality, cost-effective small labs, or we can partner with you in developing an in-house lab – or key components of the lab process – within your own practice. We work with in-network labs through Bid My OrthoLab™ where we will negotiate the lowest lab fees on your behalf!

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We specialize in helping dentists find premium non-branded IDB, functional appliance and aligner companies that manufacture the highest level of quality while charging much less than big name companies. By selecting and outsourcing to these smaller labs, you will significantly reduce your overhead and, consequently, your patients’ fees. By offering more affordable alternatives, your patient base will diversify, grow, and last, and your bottom line will skyrocket. To participate in Bid My Ortho Lab™ as a doctor, simply subscribe to our Concierge plan here:   

You will have access to submit your new cases through our HIPPA-compliant portal or through HIPPA-compliant video chat sessions. We’ll do the research on your behalf and negotiate for you the best and lowest-price dental lab for your particular case needs: IDB, removable appliances, functional appliances, growth modification appliances, and retention are all included! Our doctors save, on average between $500 and $1000 per case.  Here are some of the average fees for our doctors who participate in Bid My Ortho Lab™ (including retention):

Phase 1 Treatment: $500

Comprehensive Aligner Treatment: $1000  

Comprehensive IDB Treatment: $400

For the pioneer-minded dentist, and even for those who aren’t, we strongly encourage investing in a small in-house lab. Our coaching expertise at StraightSmile Solutions® includes tips and techniques on the best ways to assemble a small operation within your practice. Our consulting services keep the process simple for you, presenting you with affordable, innovative, top-notch vendors that supply cutting-edge technology that scans, designs, prints, and thermoforms aligner cases and IDB cases/braces almost instantly. We connect you with established companies that help with setting up treatment planning, and we guide you through details, like case selection, and assist you with overcoming any obstacles that arise.

Benefits of an in-house lab:

  • A turnaround time of hours – rather than weeks
  • Control over the manufacturing process
  • Convenience for patients with minor tooth movement cases
  • The potential of offering more appliances – like mouth guards and splints
  • Happy patients
  • Increased profits

The good news: you’ve got options. You are not stuck in an ever-increasing lab fee snare. There’s a way out, and we want to show you the way. Our online portal provides an orthodontic coaching solution tailored just for you. Let’s lower those lab fees together! #yourownbrandaligners #yourownbrandbraces #yourownbrandidb

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