Dentistry Job Placement & Recruiting

Looking for a job within the dental industry or have an open position to post? The StraightSmile Solutions® career board and placement services is our complimentary service to the dental community for job seekers and job posters who are StraightSmile Solutions® Concierge clients. To become a Concierge Client, visit our services page to subscribe. We have over 10,000 connections to date in the dental industry. Email us at [email protected]com for more information.

What makes our dental recruiting and placement services unique, is that we do much more than just recruit. We are experts in dental licensure and licensure by credentials and we’ll help you research and apply for licensure in your new state, if needed.  Dr. Amanda has been an advocate and industry expert for Dental Licensure by Credentials since 2004 and has even lobbied and passed bills and helped license hundreds of dentists all over the world.

Concerned about your compensation package and salary negotiation? Dr. Amanda can help you, along with your attorney, read and review your compensation offer and negotiate a fair compensation package. We’ve read hundreds of contracts and understand what’s fair for a dentist.