Orthodontic Training & Consulting Services

Take your dental practice or dental lab to the next level with orthodontics. As the only consultant who works with all orthodontic systems, StraightSmile Solutions is with you every step of the way with tools and advice to help you increase revenue. All of our services can be performed by phone or online and are HIPAA-compliant. Disclaimer: We are an independent company that supports doctors to do more orthodontics. We aren’t affiliated with Align Technology® or Invisalign® but we support doctors who elect to use this aligner company in their practice. 

For courses or Orthodontic Education In-A-Bag, please email us at [email protected] for an estimate. Click here for more information. We recommend that all doctors start with the Concierge plan and scale back once you are fully launched if desired.

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Which StraightSmile Solutions Plan Should you Choose? VIP, Concierge, or Premium?

We now offer 20% off any annual subscription. Email us for more information [email protected] – note this annual subscription is non-refundable. 
Our membership fees and prices are going up in Q4 2021, so lock in your monthly fees now by subscribing today and save thousands of dollars!
(We never raise rates on current clients who keep their memberships consistent, and good-standing.)



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Unlimited Support on Unlimited Cases for multiple locations and/or team members:
(this fee is available to multi-office, multi-doctor practices, and dental labs please email us to subscribe to our VIP plan)

  • video chat
  • secure mail
  • screen share
  • direct access to all web-based treatment plans like Invisalign and ClearCorrect
  • lab fees
  • lab scripts
  • patient-facing paperwork and forms
  • “on-call services”
  • phone consultations
  • SMS text communication
  • support and development for Instagram and Social Media Content 
  • Priority access to zoom meetings and weekend and evening appointments upon request (subject to mutual availability) 
  • This is a month-to-month plan that auto-renews unless 30 days notice is given to cancel
  • …and more!

Responses Within 24 Hours: HIPAA-Compliant Email and HIPAA-Compliant Text

Basic Operations Support
Basic Team Training

Co-Hosted Webinars – directed towards patients in your area:
(available after a 6-month Concierge subscription)

  • We host.
  • We give you content.
  • We do admin.



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Unlimited Support on Unlimited Cases:
(this fee is available only to one-doctor/one-office practices)

  • video chat ( we will provide you access)
  • secure mail (we will provide you access)
  • screen share (we will provide you access)
  • direct access to Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and other treatment planning portals.
  • lab fees
  • lab scripts
  • patient-facing paperwork and forms
  • phone consultations
  • “on-call” services
  • SMS text communication
  • support for all ortho team members such as front office, back office, and TCs.
  • Priority access to zoom meetings and weekend and evening appointments upon request (subject to mutual availability) and priority responses even when our team is travelling or lecturing
  • This is a month-to-month plan that auto-renews unless 30 days notice is given to cancel
  • …and more!

Responses Within 24 Hours: HIPAA-Compliant Email and HIPAA-Compliant Text

Basic Operations Support
Basic Team Training



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10 Case Inquiries Per Month Limit

  • Secure mail communication only: we will give you access to this with your subscription

Responses Within 48 Hours: HIPAA-Compliant Email

No phone calls or zoom sessions included. Also doesn’t include any direct treatment plan support or access to any portals.

If additional messages are needed per month, it is recommended to upgrade to Concierge, which is unlimited. This package isn’t recommended for doctors who are new to orthodontics. This is for “seasoned” doctors only who have an occasional question about a case.



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Single 20-minute case review
via HIPAA-Compliant Screen Share

This is a ONE-case, ONE-time package: through secure screen share.

  • up to 20 minutes- ONE MEETING ONLY- All other meetings are at an additional fee. These meetings are only available on weekdays during 11-4pm PST and are not available when we are travelling or lecturing- if you need weekends or evenings or mornings, we recommend the Concierge plan which is a month-to-month plan
  • available to doctors only we will be strategizing and optimizing ONE CASE only at any stage in the case process. The case can be Phase 1, aligners, straight wire, Invisalign..etc. It can be a new patient or a progress patient.
  • Note- WE ARE NOT an aligner treatment planning company. If you are looking for an aligner set-up from an STL file, we are happy to introduce you to the companies we work with. Please email us at [email protected]  Introductions are free!
  • Subject to mutual availability. Priority appointments are held for VIP and Concierge members. There may be up to a 2 week wait to get a A-La-Carte appointment when we are travelling. If your question is urgent, we recommend subscribing to our Concierge program for for ultimate access and response times. 

Review Every Kind of Orthodontic Case (except Direct-to-Consumer):

  • Braces
  • Phase 1
  • IDB
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Fast Braces
  • Expanders
  • Functional Appliances
  • Straightwire
  • Invisalign
  • ClearCorrect
  • SureSmile
  • White Label IDB
  • Retention

We’ll help you find the lowest lab fee for your case!


The sky is the limit!

Perfect for those who want to:

  • scale orthodontics
  • lower lab fees and overhead
  • ensure most optimal outcomes in a short period of time

Available to Any Dentist, Lab, or DSO.

Client to provide venue and catering for staff, additional travels fees may apply. Please contact us for more information. Contact Us for an Estimate

TOS must be signed before services can be rendered. Payments due monthly in advance of service, subscription-based, hosted by Stripe®, cancel anytime with 30 days notice, no refund for unused services. Your payment will auto-bill on a monthly basis. Please see terms and conditions for scheduling and rescheduling telephone and video chat consultations. One telephone or chat consultation scheduled at a time. Fees do not include 5% sales tax, which will be added onto every order regardless of the state of residency. We do not consult with direct-to-consumer dental labs, Invisalign® Stores or Invsalign® Franchise Models.