Will Accelerated Orthodontics “Propel®” Your Production?



Lately every dentist is talking about accelerated orthodontics. Given the current litigation in this arena, it’s a controversial topic indeed. There is no question that the research supports accelerated orthodontics in conjunction with aligner therapy and/or micro-osseoperforation. In addition, vibrational movements may or may not be effective in accelerating orthodontic treatment. The research is still not definitive for these appliances.
However, there are many questions still unanswered. I’d like to see additional, independent studies joining the two vibrational appliances (Accel Aura® and VPro5®) With a myriad of different aligners on the market, not just Invisalign®, how do these appliances affect the rate of treatment? What is the proper way to prescribe them? I would also like to see longitudinal studies showing stability and retention and relapse to see if these accelerated movements are stable long-term.
Accelerated orthodontics is certainly a game-changer. If one can finish his/her orthodontic treatment in half the time, why not use aligners instead of traditional braces? Combine that with the lower forces, decreased risk for decalcification, enhanced oral hygiene, decreased discomfort, and overall positive patient experience, and we have a clear winner for the future. Plastic is best all around.
This week, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sample a Propel VPro5. You can visit my YouTube channel to check out the three-part video review and unboxing series. I was really impressed with the appliance and based on my first-hand experience in conjunction with the research, I would recommend the Propel VPro5 to StraightSmile Solutions® clients and patients alike. If you have any questions about the product or accelerated orthodontics, please feel free to contact me.
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About the author: Dr. Amanda Wilson is an Orthodontist and the founder of StraightSmile Solutions. For more information, visit www.StraightSmileSolutions.com.