Why DSOs Need StraightSmile Solutions® to Hit the Jackpot


Like it or not, corporate dentistry is infiltrating the private dental space at an accelerated rate. With the changes to the healthcare insurance platform from the previous presidential administration and the ever-increasing insurance premiums, patients are flocking to lower-cost insurance programs and DSOs.

Hygiene and pedo patients are virtual gold nuggets for any orthodontic provider, and DSOs have an incredible abundance of them. The archaic stepwise process of referring these potentially simple orthodontic cases to the in-house orthodontist often results in significant attrition and loss of production. By requiring that orthodontic consults be referred to the in-house orthodontist, a DSO is losing valuable production and reducing the overall standard-of-care by failing to promptly address the patient’s periodontal and esthetic concerns.

As an Orthodontist, I recognize that some cases should be treated by a licensed Orthodontist for best outcome, but who says that a “best outcome” is always the best for the patient? Often, patients are simply looking for an esthetic compromised solution and this can, and should, easily be treated by the patient’s General Dentist. Today, fortunately, there are a plethora of orthodontic vendors with a multitude of systems that fit any budget in any case. Aligners? Cosmetic Braces? StraightSmile Solutions® works with all systems and can find the right system for you and your team.

So, what does StraightSmile Solutions® have to do with DSOs? StraightSmile Solutions® is the missing link in this intricate process. One cannot expect the executives at the major DSOs to understand all the dozens of orthodontic systems on the market and their bio-mechanical properties nor can we expect their teams to train their support staff and doctors. Doctors need continual support and guidance to assist with case-selection and treatment-planning. Accidents can and will occur and an orthodontic coach will streamline the process and help the teams from contract to de-band.

Today, with HIPPA-compliant communication portals and virtual communication platforms, teams and coaches can virtually communicate effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, the partnership between StraightSmile Solutions® and corporate dentistry is a win-win for all of the players involved.

1. The patients obtain increased access to care and their periodontal and restorative needs are efficiently addressed, leading to better dental health.
2. The in-house Orthodontic team is benefitted with increased referrals from the pivot towards evaluating every patient for orthodontics.
3. The corporation benefits from increased production from orthodontics from both teams and the subsequent interdisciplinary treatment.
4. The General Dentists benefit from learning new skills and increasing their daily production.

StraightSmile Solutions® is the future of orthodontic coaching. We are the first online portal to provide a doctor-to-doctor consulting service that will allow GP’s and their teams to access the knowledge and expertise of an industry expert, in order to enhance information sharing and efficiency in problem solving. We hope to revolutionize orthodontic coaching. As compared to other orthodontic coaching service providers, StraightSmile Solutions® is a full-time business. We are independent and do not run alongside a clinical practice. We commit our full energy to coaching, and you reap the benefits. We pride ourselves on providing lightning-fast service and responsiveness. StraightSmile Solutions® is time and cost-efficient. Our services are available exclusively online. Of the over 160,000 General and Pediatric Dentists in the US, most have little-to-no formal educational training in orthodontics. Those who do seek training often have to resort to expensive and time-consuming weekend services. You learn on the job through trial and error, but those errors can be expensive and unfortunate for both patients and doctors. We aim to fill the gap in the market for quality and efficient coaching to provide valuable solutions for doctors and their teams, and subsequent positive outcomes in the quality of patient care.

For more information about StraightSmile Solutions®, visit our website at www.straightsmilesolutions.com or message us to schedule a complimentary coaching session.