What is Six Month Smiles Confidex®?

Many General Dentists are using Invisalign® and the like the ease of use, but they struggle to obtain ideal outcomes. Orthodontists, like myself, know that not all adults are compliant and that not all patients are ideal candidates for removable appliance systems.

If you are looking for an esthetic, fixed appliance system with invisible wires and brackets, I recommend Six Month Smiles® to my StraightSmile Solutions® clients. If you aren’t familiar with the CONFIDEX® system, that was released Q3, 2016, you should take a closer look at the benefits.

Six Month Smiles CONFIDEX® Benefits

• Digital Space Analysis
• Angle Classification Analysis
• Case complexity Analysis
• Estimated Treatment Time Analysis
• Tooth Size and Bolton Discrepancy Analysis
• Wire Sequencing Recommendations
• IPR quantification, Staging and Sequencing Recommendations, If Indicated
• Bite Guard Placement and Localization Recommendations, If Indicated
• Power Chain Staging and Placement Recommendations, If indicated
• Esthetic and Gingival Re-contouring Staging and Placement Recommendations, If Indicated
• Button Placement Recommendations, If Indicated
• Extraction Recommendations, If Indicated
• Elastic Size, Staging and Localization Recommendation, If Indicated
• A Customized Monthly, Step-by-step Guide to Treatment
• Retention Recommendations
• Six Month Smiles Online Forum Support
• Digitally-Directed, Custom, Precision-Placed Indirect Bonding Trays
• Standard Patient Kit (PTK) with Wires and Ties.
• 3D Simulation
• Arch Wires
• Adhesive
• Patient Relief Wax
• Quick Ties (Single Ligature Ties)
• OptraGate® Retractor

If you are looking to become a Six Month Smiles provider, you can visit www.6monthsmiles.com or message me with questions. There are courses all over the world. Check out my past blogs on my website for more information about the certification courses!

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