Top 6 Limitations of Invisalign®

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Invisalign® fan; they are the gold standard a.k.a. “Kleenex” of aligners, so before their team gets on the habitual defense when I post an article of this nature, take a moment to read through the constructive criticism thoroughly. After careful analysis and plenty of feedback from Invisalign® providers, I’ve chosen to write this article to help create awareness of the system’s current strengths and limitations. I also want to send a friendly reminder to all dentists globally, that the ultimate goal of StraightSmile Solutions® is to encourage each and every dentist to screen all patients for ortho and orthodontic-related conditions, such as sleep-discorded breathing and habits.

1. They don’t have a comprehensive primary/mixed-dentition solution… yet

I fundamentally disagree with the American Orthodontics Association’s position to wait until age 7 to screen. I believe every child should be screened starting at age 2. Right now, I think the gold standard for this solution is the HealthyStart®/OrthoTain® Appliance.

2. Their customer service/billing department is hostile and hard to communicate with

Anyone who has ever been on the Invisalign®/Align Technology® rumored “blacklist” knows what I am talking about. Expect long hold times, outsourced call-center agents with limited English skills, and aggressive and unpleasant team members.

3. They do not offer a sliding scale, new doctor finance program

Every month I talk to new doctors who really want to dive into aggressively marketing and incorporating Invisalign® into their practice, but the total upfront lab fees are overwhelming. Every other vendor out there has a friendly new-grad financing option. Why not Align®?

4. Too many attachments. It’s ugly and patients don’t like it.

Hey, I know you can remove them, if you want …but the treatment plans are getting overloaded with attachments and patients hate it! Docs don’t always know which can be removed without compromising treatment. It would be nice if they could put that on their clinical preferences.

5. The aligner trim isn’t esthetic

I actually am not a fan of their scalloped trim. I do not think it’s esthetic, and it certainly doesn’t aid in retention. For patients with high smile-lines they should offer an option for a straight-line trim.

6. ClinCheck Pro® doesn’t run on Mac

In summary, as I said at the beginning, this article is not written to detract in any way from the strength of the Invisalign® solution. I do want to recognize that whilst it is a solution of choice for many dentists, Invisalign® like every other organization has weaknesses/chinks in the armor, that I hope they will look to improve in 2017.

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