The Top Three Reasons Why Orthodontists Support StraightSmile Solutions®

If you haven’t heard the buzz, StraightSmile Solutions® is the latest, cutting-edge dental service on the market and, Orthodontists are embracing it! Here are a few reasons why:

1. StraightSmile Solutions® aims not to disrupt the practice of orthodontics, but rather to bolster it by supporting dentists and their teams to incorporate orthodontics into their comprehensive treatment plans and to evaluate the need for orthodontics in every patient. This will ultimately boost both the quantity and quality of referrals to local orthodontists.

2. Our team loves Orthodontists and knows the best and brightest in every metro area! We keep connected with Orthodontists in every local community so we know to whom to direct our PCD referrals.

3. Our practice isn’t limited to General Dentists and Pediatric Dentists! We boast many Orthodontists as clients and are glad to offer complimentary coaching services to every licensed Orthodontist. There are so many new products and services on the market, it’s hard to keep-up. Orthodontists can simply click on the professional courtesy scheduling link to chat with the StraightSmile Solutions staff at:

At StraightSmile Solutions®, doctors will receive a service that is unparalleled in terms of communication and responsiveness. We allot exclusive time to a limited number of clients so that each can be provided each a customized consultancy experience. Coaching communication can be conducted via any format of media that works for you: phone, video chat, HIPPA-compliant electronic communication portal, or in-office training provided in any state.

The coaching experience itself is customized for all clients, providing a variety of options and membership plans. We can consult on any orthodontic service, process, vendor or procedure. We can also coach and train-up your teams: doctor case selection, to treatment-plan coaching, orthodontic education, hygiene hand-offs and scripting, dental assistant education. Our coaching is targeted to enable clients to offer the best practice in orthodontics.

Are you ready to improve and enhance your orthodontist practice to grow your production and expand your patient base and ultimate satisfaction? If so, don’t wait and get started today!

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