How to Maximize your Patient Referrals

Dentistry is changing. With new technology and innovation, simple specialty work is being kept in house and completed by General Dentists. More often than not, the outcomes are acceptable!

Your may be outraged that General Dentists are invading precious specialty territory; after all you studied an extra 3 years! That being said, the most successful specialists realize now that the tide is shifting and by fighting the wave, they are sabotaging their own success.

The most prosperous specialists are the ones that are befriending their General Dentist colleagues and offering their support. This means more than a yearly gift basket!

1. Take a look at their cases on a regular basis. Help to educate them on which cases to treat in-house and which to refer out.

2. If they get “in a pickle”, help them get out of it. Don’t charge them for this.

3. Treat their family members for free. Show them how GREAT your work is!

Remember, if they are screening all their patients for specialty work, even if they keep a percentage in-house, there will be still plenty more to come your way. Creating awareness is good dentistry for all patients …and…. it’s FREE marketing for you!

Not sure about how to connect with your General Dentists in your community and need support or looking for more referrals? StraightSmile Solutions® can help. All dental specialists are welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation. StraightSmile Solutions® also has a vast network of General Dentists who are looking for the right specialists to connect with. To maximize your referrals, become a StraightSmile Solution® client today! Visit and click on the services page or schedule a complimentary coaching session.

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