Obtaining the Ultimate R.O.I. for Orthodontic Systems

There are numerous orthodontic solutions in the market, from aligners to indirect bonding to Phase I Functional Appliances. Most are geared now towards GPs. These are the factors you should focus while selecting best R.O.I.?

According to recommendation doctors might analyze the following requirements while selecting an orthodontic system with greater R.O.I.

➢ Calculate the Total Lab Fee (TLF)
Dig-in and ask questions. What will be your worst-case scenario TOTAL lab fee from soup to nuts, from scan/impression and diagnostics, all the way until retention? Are there any hidden fees for refinements or mid-course corrections or for lost aligners/broken brackets or appliances?
Total Lab Fee Per Case: ________

➢ Calculate Chair Time Overhead(CTO)
How trained is your staff to assist with these procedures?
Does your dental practice act in your state even allow your staff to provide services?
How frequently do you anticipate seeing these patients?
What percentage is doctor time vs. staff time?
Calculate the total number of hours for both.
What is your ideal billable hour rate? What is your staff’s total billable hour rate?
Now calculate your total chair time overhead for this system, per case.
Total Per Case Chair Time Overhead:________

➢ Calculate the market standards (CF)
What are other doctors charging for this system in YOUR community? Do some secret-shopping!
Case Fee: ___________

➢ Add TLF and CTO and subtract from CF. Is your outcome in the red or black, and by how much?
This is your Tangible ROI: _____________

➢ What is the Intangible ROI?
Check the internet and online portals like RealSelf.com to check the feedback for your vendor, you can even consider the results from social media.
Are patients raving fans of the outcome?
Will positive outcomes drive more indirect referrals automatically? There are many solutions out there that have amazing ROI through social media that’s solely driven by patients and social media.
How excited is your staff to implement this system?
How many other providers are in your area?
Estimate the Intangible ROI. ____________

➢ Add TROI and ITROI, and you have your desired ROI.


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