Is StraightSmile Solutions Disrupting the Industry?


Aloha, I’m Amanda Wilson, an Orthodontist, Dental Consultant and Dental Advisor by profession. After countless requests from previous clients over the years, I created StraightSmile Solutions as an orthodontic consulting company that directly services General Dentists and their unique needs. StraightSmile Solutions offers boutique, concierge-style coaching directly from an Orthodontist to a General Dentist without requiring any kind of long-term commitment or contract. Designed with delivering convenience to clients in mind, I hope to make a positive change and add value to the dental industry with my innovative service platform and content.

I obtained my education from UCSF Dental School and UConn Orthodontic Residency. Subsequently, I was a clinical orthodontist for more than 10 years in California. I love to teach and mentor, and this eventually progressed to the development of my passion to become a coach and consultant. Realizing there was a significant lack of orthodontic coaching companies that offered doctor-to-doctor consultancy directly to General Dentists, I became passionate about creating solutions in this space.

No, I didn’t study 11 years to become a consultant so that others can handsomely prosper, on the contrary, it fell into my lap overtime. If you take a look at my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see that I’ve always been a bit of an industry disruptor. Over the years through my Dental Director and Dental Consultancy gig’s and even through my own hobbies, I found that I love teaching and writing, more than I love working with my hands. I’ve faced the DSO, State Dental Board and PCD demons head on, and decided to coast downstream instead of pushing against “progress”. The specialty of Orthodontics is changing. I can either change with it or become, at least in my part of the country, obsolete.

This site aims not to disrupt the practice of orthodontics, but rather to bolster it by supporting PCDs and their teams to incorporate orthodontics into their comprehensive treatment plans and to evaluate the need for orthodontics in every patient. This will ultimately boost quality referrals to local orthodontists and provide more appropriate care to the cases that PCDs choose to keep in-house. Eventually, our portal hopes to provide more access to care for the average American by bringing more affordable orthodontic options to consumers.

With my service at StraightSmile Solutions, GP’s will receive a service that is unparalleled in terms of communication and responsiveness. I allot exclusive time to a limited number of clients so I can provide each and every one with a customized consultancy experience. My coaching communication can be conducted via any format of media that works for you: phone, video chat, HIPPA-compliant electronic communication portal, or in-office training provided in any state.

The coaching experience itself is customized for all clients, providing a variety of options and membership plans. I can consult on any orthodontic service, process, vendor or procedure. Unlike other consulting companies, a specific orthodontic company or vendor does not sponsor me. We can also coach and train-up your teams: doctor case selection, to treatment-plan coaching, orthodontic education, hygiene hand-offs and scripting, dental assistant education. My coaching is targeted to enable clients to offer the best practice in orthodontics.

Are you ready to improve and enhance your orthodontist practice to grow your production and expand your patient base and ultimate satisfaction? If so, don’t wait and get started today!

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