Invisalign Precision Wings®

Are the new Align Technology® Precision Wings® truly innovative or just an opportunity to capitalize on a centuries’ worth of others’ research supporting growth modification in children?
While I applaud Align® in their efforts to bring growth modification to mainstream America, this technology and methodology is truly nothing original and is currently being used by many doctors around the world at a much lower price point.

I also, think it will be interesting to see how the Align® team addresses the growth curve and timing issue for this new system. While this may come natural to Orthodontists, General Dentists are woefully uneducated in Growth and Development. These Precision Wings® will work, but not in all teens and tweens. I doubt there will be an expert team to help support the General Dentists to assess the skeletal growth and to support the treatment plans.

What about cephs? I suspect Align® will not require the doctors to submit cephs since that’s not SOP, but they should. It’s important to make sure that the growth is proceeding in the right direction: downward and forward to ensure a healthy, esthetic result and not affect the airway.

How will doctors be advised when to discontinue these Precision Wings®? We’ve all had patients who simply disappear with their aligners only to return years later. What if patients wear these for too long? We’ll have a bunch of Class III surgical patients who outgrew their treatment. Who is responsible for these patients? What is Align’s® responsibility here, if any? Are the General Dentists prepared for the permanent, poor outcomes that will likely develop in non-compliant patients? Who will pay for their surgeries?

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