How you Join a Healthy Start® Study Club

The dental community is buzzing about Healthy Start® Study Clubs, that are popping-up all over the US. It’s an opportunity for dentists and MD’s to network and collaborate and regarding sleep-disordered breathing in children.
If you’ve been in the dental community for some time, you’ve probably heard of Healthy Start®, the hybrid sleep-orthodontic system. The history of the evolution of Healthy Start® is as interesting as the founder, Dr. Earl Bergersen. It rebranded from Orthotain® to Healthy Start® in the 1970’s. Dr. Bergersen tells a compelling story about how he started noticing a fascinating correlation amongst young patients who wore his Orthotain® dental positioner: an improvement in sleep-disordered breathing symptoms (a.k.a. kids sleep apnea), bed-wetting, overall academic performance and focus.
Obviously, tonsils, adenoids, nasal obstruction and orthodontic habits like mouth breathing and thumb sucking can all contribute to sleep-disordered breathing so a plastic mouthpiece isn’t a cure-all for every child. However research and testimonies support that for many kids and families, it really is a life-changing orthodontic appliance.
To find a study-club near you, visit: To become certified as a Healthy Start® provider and become listed on the Doctor Locator here:, you can find a course near you or take the online course by emailing [email protected]

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