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Usually my blog pieces are controversial and divisive. Today, I am shifting my focus in a new direction. It seems everyone is dipping their toe in the short-term orthodontics market and even gearing their product towards the GP client base. Now, I am not affiliated or compensated by GLO® in anyway, nor am I with any of the pieces I write for my blog. I had a StraightSmile Solutions® client ask me last week about the GLO® Smart Moves® product and I wanted to dig into it. I didn’t know that they were participating in the short-term orthodontic market, let alone the indirect bonding market. It’s a smart strategy by GLO® to move their chess pieces in the right direction.

Smart Moves® is quite different from every other short-term aligner out there. To start, it’s a soft/hard alternating splint system. That means each step includes more than one aligner, which have varying acrylic thicknesses and properties. My understanding is that this changes the biomechanics so that the force with each step is gradually increased, leading to more comfort for the patient and overall more stability for the treatment. These hard/soft aligners are not a new concept. There are several companies worldwide who utilize them, one of which is the CA Clear Aligner® system, which is offered predominately in Europe.

The other unique component of the Smart Moves® system is the customer service. As far as I know, there is no other aligner system that allows you to send the technician your models to have them reviewed, before you commit and pay for treatment. It’s a complimentary service. They also give you the email and phone number of the technicians so you can discuss the case. It’s old school, but for a GP who is new to aligners, it’s a unique and effective touch. I am not sure how this component of their aligner business model will scale, but I do appreciate their unparalleled support of the General Dentist.

StraightSmile Solutions is the future of orthodontic coaching. We are the first online portal to provide a doctor-to-doctor consulting service that will allow GP’s and their teams to access the knowledge and expertise of an industry expert, in order to enhance information sharing and efficiency in problem solving. I hope to revolutionize orthodontic coaching. As compared to other orthodontic coaching service providers, StraightSmile Solutions is a full-time business. We are independent and not run alongside a clinical practice. We commit our full energy to coaching, and YOU reap the benefits! We pride ourselves on lightning-fast service and responsiveness. StraightSmile Solutions is time and cost-efficient. Our services are available exclusively online. Of the over 128,000 general dentists in the U.S., most have little or no formal educational training in orthodontics. Those who do seek training often have to resort to expensive and time-consuming weekend services. You learn on the job through trial and error, but those errors can be expensive and unfortunate for both patients and doctors. We aim to fill the gap in the market for quality and efficient coaching to provide valuable solutions for doctors and their teams, and subsequent positive outcomes in the quality of patient care.