Do You Offer In-Person Courses? Find out here

We used to do in-person courses for interceptive but they are very expensive to produce and put on and in order to do so, you have to get sponsors so it’s more affordable for dentists to attend.

The problem with sponsors is that they try to control the content that you present to lean towards their product or system, so you should never trust that kind of course.

For that reason, we stopped doing them and started putting out free courses instead on YouTube and our webinar page. It’s the same content we used to do in my actual course, except it’s free!

You can look up any system or just search Phase 1 or Interceptive and the content will come up.

Also, we have a Phase 1 webinar archived.

Beyond that, we train doctors on interceptive just like you are in ortho residency by teaching you how to treat your patients, not just “theory”. You can get that in our Concierge program here! Take a look at the video above on that page and also at our FAQ page.

Check out our book here!