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A Dentist’s Guide to Restarting the Practice Post-Covid

Please download this resource with tricks and tips for restarting your practice ASAP.   Dentist’s Guide to Start Practice Amidst COVID-19

How to Manage Your Ortho Patients in Covidland

1) Keep IN TOUCH with patients. 2) Keep the MORALE UP of our patients. 3) Keep their TREATMENT GOING as much as possible. But most importantly: 4) Show the community/patients/parents that you are actively engaged in their wellbeing and that of their families. 5) Initiate virtual consultations. Consider sending out white-label “kits” like Smile Concierge […]

Invisalign Tricks and Tips During Corona Shutdown

Gmail – Fwd_ Replacement aligners available to provide continuity of care Doctors who have active Invisalign cases right now while in Corona-Shutdown are having to be creative to manage their patients. Click on the link above to see the official statements from Align Technology.   The StraightSmile Solutions team has dozens of additional suggestions. We […]

Coronavirus and Dentistry- Long Term Solutions

This coronavirus pandemic is clearly disrupting the dental industry. Patients and dental professionals alike are all suffering. Although it seems easier to hide, there are actionable steps that we can take to keep our businesses thriving despite being closed. As the CEO of StraightSmile Solutions®, I have a 30,000-mile, birds-eye view of what dentists around […]

Survival of the Fittest?- How Some Dentists are Surviving the Shutdown

As the CEO of StraightSmile Solutions, I have a 30,000 mile, birds-eye view of what dentists around the world are doing to survive. Sure, most are being over-compliant and burrowing in their rabbit’s dens trying to do “their part to flatten the curve”. Don’t get me wrong, I madly respect that but remember you also […]

UConcept MyoFunctional BioTrainers Phase 1

Interested in learning more about myofunctional orthodontics? We are glad to give you a copy of our proprietary My Phase 1 Smile® screening evaluation. Just message us.

How to Build an in-house Aligner Lab and Launch Phase 1

Some of my favorite podcasts on the topic:   Feel free to buzz us at to schedule a complimentary consultation to help you get started.

Coronavirus and your Dental Practice

I have friends and family members who live in Asia and right now their life is being severely impacted by Coronavirus. They are unable to make a living, simply, because everyday life is shutdown. People are staying in their homes. The only people who are flourishing are those who have careers which can be sustained […]

How to get out of Invisalign Jail

I’ve been in Invisalign jail. I have family members currently in Invisalign Jail. I have clients in Invisalign Jail. Align technology has one of the most unfriendly financing policies and procedures. Once you get yourself in jail it can take years to get out of it. This is one of the top three reasons doctors […]

How to Get Started with Phase 1 and RPE in your Practice

Many doctors are interested in integrating Phase 1 Orthodontics in their practice. Early treatment with Phase 1 Orthodontics has life-long health and esthetic benefits. We have several resources we recommend to get started: 1. Read Our Blogs: 2. Listen to our Podcasts: 3. Watch our YouTube videos: 4. Watch […]