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A Guide to Fixing Anterior Openbites in Growing and Adult Patients

Anterior openbites are frustrating in every patient. Too often, I see doctors just jumping-in and trusting the treatment planners into a plan that isn’t predictable or retainable long-term.I always say, doctors should never take an openbite case until they’ve been a detective first. They need to find all the etiologies and treat those FIRST and […]

Handling Non-Compliance in Orthodontic Patients

Non-Compliance can be very frustrating in orthodontics. As you scale up, it is unfortunately inevitable that you’ll experience non-compliance on a regular basis. The key to overcoming it is to have a plan of action.Establish Expectations Upfront with Parents and PatientsBefore I even get started, I always discuss expectations in the contract with parents and […]

How to Incorporate Ortho into a GP Practice

There is no one size fits all approach to this. I often talk to new doctors about how to take that initial step of introducing orthodontics into a GP practice. Each doctor and office will need to consider several aspects in making the decision and each will need to create their unique pathway. These aspects […]

Case Selection for GP Orthodontics Cases

I like to think about orthodontic case selection for general dentists as falling in to either green, yellow or red light categories:1. Green Light:These criteria apply to all general dentists, regardless of experience level. • Class 1 molar AND canine. • No missing or impacted teeth except 3rd molars.• No history of present or past […]

All About Intra-Oral Scanners

StraightSmile Solutions believes that all doctors should invest in an intraoral scanner. It is a “no brainer” to us.By now we are aware of the benefits of intraoral scanners and what we should be looking for when purchasing one: speed, improved carbon footprint, accuracy, an open system, and flexible workflows. There are so many scanner […]

Dr. Amanda’s Guide to Invisalign Attachments and Auxiliaries

If you are a frequent reader of my blog ( or a subscriber of my YouTube channel (, you’ve become accustomed to my tricks and tips on attachment and auxiliary design and placement. And you probably know that I think “optimized” attachments are mostly an over-hyped, proprietary feature of Align Technology. Below, I have compiled […]

A Non-Strip Option for IPR

I am a huge fan of FitStrip for IPR but here’s a non strip option for those of you who have STRAIGHT TEETH and need IPR. (I don’t recommend this on rotated teeth).

Facemask Therapy in Kids for Underbites

Here’s what you need to do to start facemask therapy in a growing patient with a retrognathic maxilla: (note links are just suggested- you can buy from any vendor): Buy it from ebay (or any ortho company) Also need extra oral elastics: or I usually do 8oz 1/2 inch but some people do […]

Retainers for Life- The Branded Orthodontic Aftercare Opportunity

There has been a lot of interest about orthodontic aftercare opportunities. Below is a summary about Retainers for Life, one of the corporate, branded orthodontic aftercare opportunities. Note, that my emails and attempts to contact the owners of this company were unsuccessful after several months so these notes are based on what I understood from […]

Will StraightSmile Solutions Set Up Invisalign ClinChecks?

Would you like to do more Invisalign cases and reduce your revisions and refinements? Our team at StraightSmile Solutions has over 19 years of experience with setting up successful ClinCheck outcomes. We’ve done tens of thousands of aligner cases over the past 20 years. If you would like to add Invisalign to your practice, but […]