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How to Write a RPE Script

Ultimately this is pretty easy. Not too many variations.“please fabricate u/l fixed expander with buccal tubes”or “please fabricate u/l fixed expander”This is pretty standard for fixed if you want to archive the script for future patients.Only variation would be one of the following:1. Please solder anterior bite plate2. Please solder facemask hooks 3. Please solder tongue/thumb […]

5 Easy Steps to Help your Dental Office Production

1. Educate YourselfFrom my 20 years in the orthodontic industry, I’ve compiled my top tips for selling that ortho case. For more detailed clinical tips and tricks, I recommend my book: Non-Surgical and Non-ExtractionAdvertise yourself as a 99% non-extraction and non-surgical orthodontist in kids under age 10. This can be a very lucrative statement. […]

Do you NEED a Ceph Xray for your Invisalign Patient?

Ultimately, you’ll need to consult your dental practice act in your state or country for the answer on this question.For me, I only take cephs if there’s a benefit from the cephs. I take cephs on growing kids who need AP or vertical changes and on adults where we are contemplating making drastic AP or […]

Allergies to Invisalign or Braces Tricks and Tips to Manage Allergies During Orthodontic Treatment

Allergies are real in orthodontics. The first step is a comprehensive medical and dental history. The most common allergies are:1. Latex (Gloves, Braces Elastomerics)2. Nickel (Metal braces and Wires)I find most real allergies are usually only in adults. Whenever a patient declares that they have a latex allergy, the first question I ask is, “tell […]

Management of Discomfort with Orthodontics Patients

Discomfort is real in orthodontics. I’ve had both braces and aligners as a patient several times and I’ve also treated tens of thousands of orthodontic patients. I can tell you that the pain IS real and management of discomfort is critical to patient trust and compliance.I always address the elephant in the room at the […]

How to Launch Virtual Consults for Invisalign and ClearCorrect and Braces

VIRTUAL CONSULTSYou should offer both virtual consults and in-person consults in your practice. Block a variety of times in your schedule every week for virtual consults on an admin day. Be sure you are still sending out all your medical and dental Hx and office paperwork in advance through DocuSign as well as a “Smile […]

Should you pick Braces, ClearCorrect or Invisalign?

I am asked this question quite often by my consumer followers. First of all, it’s a personal decision. In the right hands with an EXPERIENCED doctor, almost everything that can be done with braces CAN be done just as well with aligners. There’s a few one offs for me: jaw surgery cases. mixed dentition and […]

Tricks and Tips for In-House Retention- Essix

To get started, we only recommend that you make in-house “lifetime” retainers if you have the proper armamentarium, including a pressure-vacuum former like a Durfomat or Biostar. A standard vacuum-former doesn’t give enough detail/fit for long-term retention. If you don’t have the proper equipment, it is best to refer your retention out for fabrication to […]

How to Solve the Broken Bracket Mystery

Broken brackets are a pain for both parents, patients, doctors and teams. It is critical that the doctor solve the broken bracket mystery so that the case can get back on-track. Every broken bracket is often at least another month in braces. I normally don’t count brackets that break within 24 hours of bonding and […]

How is Invisalign Treatment Staging

This is an analogy I like to use about aligner staging:Picture a big river with lots of stones to use to walk across. (This is a hypothetical analogy).We only have “so much” asphalt to manufacture the stones.We could have 10 big stones, each 2 feet from one another…OrWe could have 20 little stones, each 12 […]