“ALL ABOARD!” General Dentists Need to Board the Accelerated Orthodontics Train Today Because It’s Leaving the Station!


The American Dental Association reports that over 50% of US General Dentists today now offer orthodontics, either removable or fixed. Patients are noticeably aware that there are solutions to make their braces or aligner treatment quicker and more efficient. Currently, there are three primary products in this market: AcceleDent Aura®, Propel Orthodontics VPro5® and the Propel Excellerator®.

The Aura® and the VPro5® are both vibrational devices but they deliver markedly different vibrational frequencies and forces and incorporate their own unique usage protocols. The Aura® is classified as a Class 2 medical device and the VPro5 is a Class 1 device. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_device Additionally, the Aura® is also approved for use with both fixed and removable orthodontic appliances, while the VPro5 is approved only as an aligner-seater and is only used with removable appliances.

In a totally different classification, the Propel Excellerator®, involves a surgical technique, with excellent published outcomes, but less-than-favorable patient-experience feedback according to RealSelf.com. Although the studies are supportive, I have a hard time envisioning scalable success with the Excellerator®.

Patients and dentists alike are clamoring for accelerated orthodontics but don’t fully understand their options or usage protocols. In the future, I am looking forward to reviewing more independent studies involving both the Aura® and the VPro5®, utilizing a variety of orthodontic fixed and removable vendors and systems. Both OrthoAccel® and Propel Orthodontics® should strongly consider General Dentists when researching and developing their products further.

StraightSmile Solutions® is available to help dentists incorporate new systems and products, like accelerated orthodontics, to increase production. We are the first online portal to provide a doctor-to-doctor consulting service that will allow GPs and their teams to access the knowledge and expertise of an industry expert, in order to enhance information sharing and efficiency in problem solving. I hope to revolutionize orthodontic coaching. As compared to other orthodontic coaching service providers, StraightSmile Solutions is a full-time business. We are independent and not run alongside a clinical practice. We commit our full energy to coaching, and YOU reap the benefits! We pride ourselves on lightning-fast service and responsiveness. StraightSmile Solutions is time and cost-efficient. Our services are available exclusively online. Of the over 128,000 general dentists in the U.S., most have little to no formal educational training in orthodontics. Those who do seek training often have to resort to expensive and time-consuming weekend services. You learn on the job through trial and error, but those errors can be expensive and unfortunate for both patients and doctors. We aim to fill the gap in the market for quality and efficient coaching to provide valuable solutions for doctors and their teams, and subsequent positive outcomes in the quality of patient care.

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