5 Tips For Orthodontist Survival

The orthodontic industry is a sinking industry. As an orthodontic-industry expert, I have 5 “lifeboat” tips for a new orthodontic graduate to help you survive and succeed:

1. Team-Up!
Collaborate with classmates. Find yourself a Pediatric Dentist and Oral-Surgeon and Endodontist and open up a large multi-specialty practice. Hire a handful of General Dentists to do the bread and butter.

2. Think Early!
Start screening patients at age 2. Check out my other blog pieces on this topic. It’s good for the kids and good for your practice.

3. Think Late!
Your General Dentists should be screening every adult in your dental office. Don’t put a cap on treatment age. Seniors are great candidates for short-term orthodontics to facilitate periodontal or restorative treatment and to maintain their own dentition for a lifetime.

4. Buy a Scanner!
Save money and time on all your restorative and orthodontic procedures and use the cloud to document all your patients. Buy a small, portable, lightweight scanner.

5. Shop Globally!
It’s no secret that the best prices are not from the big US vendors. Grab your passport and head to Asia to shop for supplies in bulk.

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