5 Reasons Why You Should Go to AAO Next Month

My phone has been buzzing around the clock this week. Doctors and vendors are mulling over the decision to come to Washington DC in 3 weeks for AAO. My answer, of course, is a definitive “yes”. No, I am not even an AAO member anymore, but I’ll still be there incognito an exhibitor. Here are the top five reasons you should attend this event:
1. This is the first AAO since the first round of Align Technology patents expired.
2. Every vendor and their momma has some kind of solution for #yourownbrandaligners
3. We can meet-up and have coffee. I’ll be just coming from a SDB and early orthodontic intervention lecture series in Europe sponsored by HealthyStart-OrthoTain and I’ll be excited to teach you about it and how it can grow your practice!
4. You can visit me at booth 311 every day at noon and on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm and enjoy my free mini-lecture about optimizing your Phase 1 Orthodontic Outcomes! If you aren’t screening patients as young as 2 for orthodontics, you must come and learn! To reserve a seat, stop by our booth any time.
5. You can sign-up to be a StraightSmile Solutions client and for a limited time, you’ll receive free upgraded services, including 24-hour turn around time on your cases. We support all orthodontics: functional appliances, Invisalign, ClearCorrect, IDB, #yourownbrandaligners and can even help you set-up your 3D printing in-house aligner solution.
If you have questions, visit my other blogs at www.straightsmilesolutions.com or connect with our team for a 20-minute complimentary consultation and a review of your orthodontic overhead and process flow. You can schedule an appointment at www.straightsmilesolutions.com. In light of the unfortunate status of the 3-Shape/ Trios® users, StraightSmile Solutions® is also offering 60 days of upgraded services to all 3-Shape® doctors who sign up for services within the next month who are looking for alternative aligner companies. This offer is valued at $999 per doctor and is for a single doctor- solo practice. Contact our team for group-practice and DSO discounts.

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