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IDB for ME!

Need a fixed orthodontic solution? Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of General Dentists on various aligner systems. All too often, finishing cases is a significant barrier to overcome and trying to educate General Dentists who have no knowledge of basic straight-wire biomechanics is a challenge. IDB Solutions, like Six Month Smiles®, are excellent supplement […]

Dental Monitoring® (DM) to Maximize Ortho Profit

  Orthodontics can be an extremely profitable addition to any General Dental practice, but in order to maximize your profit, it’s important to manage your chair time efficiently. With the advent of new and more efficient plastics and metals, and the incorporation of Accelerated Orthodontics (AO) auxiliary systems like Propel®, Ortho Pulse® and AcceleDent®, the […]

How to Ensure Orthodontic Positive Outcomes

Here’s the latest stats, last I heard, on the future of orthodontics in the US: 52% of all orthodontic cases are being completed by GP’s. 82% of GP’s and Pediatric Dentists are offering orthodontic solutions. Access to care is here, and patients are thrilled to have more convenient, local orthodontic options. 2017 brings upon the […]

No Buts about Phase 1 and Habits!

Does your Phase I Orthodontic solutions address habits? How do you, address habits in kids? Positive reinforcement? Negative reinforcement? Wait until the 6’s come in and make an appliance? There are a myriad of different habits that can disrupt the outcome of a seemingly simple orthodontic case: digit-sucking, thumb-sucking, lip-sucking, mouth-breathing, abnormal-tongue resting position, tongue-thrust, […]