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5 Tips For Orthodontist Survival

The orthodontic industry is a sinking industry. As an orthodontic-industry expert, I have 5 “lifeboat” tips for a new orthodontic graduate to help you survive and succeed: 1. Team-Up! Collaborate with classmates. Find yourself a Pediatric Dentist and Oral-Surgeon and Endodontist and open up a large multi-specialty practice. Hire a handful of General Dentists to […]

The Ominous Obliteration of Orthodontists

No matter how threatening and gloomy this may present, the outcome is inevitable. This blog is specially written for orthodontists so that they are able to timely prepare themselves for a slow but definite extinction of this area of work, and of course, for the gradual evolution of a new industry. The advent of innovative […]

The Dirty Little Secret Orthodontists Keep

I have a strong dissatisfaction for the American Association of Orthodontics because of their archaic and self–serving philosophies that unilaterally support the struggling orthodontic industry and are not necessarily in the public best interest. Per AAO recommendations, waiting to screen patients until age 7 actually creates more orthodontic cases instead of improving orthodontic health in […]

Why 6MS Frequent Smiler® Program is a Game-Changer for the Corporate IDB Market

Some exciting news today landed in my inbox. Six Month Smiles® is finally establishing a provider-tiering program, entitled the “Frequent Smiler Program”; it’s simply a process flow that gives benefits to 6MS® doctors who do case volume and it’s a game-changer for the Corporate IDB market. If you aren’t familiar with 6MS®, it’s an indirect […]

2017 Trending Aligner Companies

It’s Q1 and it’s already raining new aligner companies; there are now dozens of aligner options in the US and beyond. Every major dental company is designing their own, exclusive aligner brand for release in 2017. Obviously, the two top tier companies are still: “Big Blue” and “Big Green”. As an aligner industry expert, beyond […]