2017 Trending Aligner Companies

It’s Q1 and it’s already raining new aligner companies; there are now dozens of aligner options in the US and beyond. Every major dental company is designing their own, exclusive aligner brand for release in 2017. Obviously, the two top tier companies are still: “Big Blue” and “Big Green”. As an aligner industry expert, beyond the leaders, I predict two aligner companies to make their mark on the industry in 2017: Ortho Snap® and eXceed-Orthodontics®. Haven’t heard of them? You will. They are the latest, comprehensive, aligner solutions to hit the US market.

Like their top-tier competitors, they offer an “Unlimited” product with refinement/additional aligners. However, what differentiates these aligners from “Big Blue” and “Big Green” is lower price-point, the flexibility to integrate any technology into their implementation, and customization. By taking more control in the aligner set-up, fabrication and production experience, you are significantly lowering the price-point and resultant overhead. Many patients are happy to use the less-branded “facial tissue” aligners instead of “Kleenex®” aligners to save money. These companies lack a lot of the bells and whistles of the “Big Blue” and “Big Green”, but most doctors don’t mind, if their lab bill is lower and the outcome isn’t diminished. In my opinion, success with these companies will come down to the doctor’s overall skill-set and case selection experience. Not sure if you’ve got what it takes to succeed? You may need an orthodontic coach.

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