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DSO or Private Practice

There are so many opportunities now upon gradation from Dental School. The decision to go DSO, DSO Hybrid or Private Practice is complicated and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I always recommend to my new-grad clients to first consider the following questions: 1. Where do you want to live and work? How saturated is the market […]

Should You Specialize?

It’s that time of year again! Mazels and congratulations all around! Hooray for the dental grads of 2017. It seems like just yesterday that myself and my classmates were graduating from UCSF. We were on top of the world! Dentistry has clearly evolved since 2001 and if I were a new grad today, I am […]

Top 6 Limitations of Invisalign®

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Invisalign® fan; they are the gold standard a.k.a. “Kleenex” of aligners, so before their team gets on the habitual defense when I post an article of this nature, take a moment to read through the constructive criticism thoroughly. After careful analysis and plenty of feedback from Invisalign® […]

The Tiny Ortho System That Makes Big Smiles

If you’ve been in the dental community for some time, you’ve probably heard of Healthy Start®, the hybrid sleep-orthodontic system. The history of the evolution of Healthy Start® is as interesting as the founder, Dr. Earl Bergersen. It rebranded from Orthotain® to Healthy Start® in the 1970’s. Dr. Bergersen tells a compelling story about how […]

I Might Do Phase 1 Tx On This Child, Would You?

One of the biggest challenges and controversies in orthodontics is how and when to manage mixed-dentition, pediatric patients. Orthodontic trends are cyclic and Phase I is “out; it’s become fashionable again to delay treatment until the late-mixed dentition. I often look back on my clinical orthodontic days and wish I could hit a rewind button […]

Why Is My ClinCheck® So Crappy?!

I know this post is going to initially raise more than a few eyebrows in the dental community, but please do me a favor, have patience and read through the entire post before jumping to a conclusion about what I am or am not supposedly implying and whose team I am on today. I don’t […]

Four Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Dental Scanner

The scanning market is evolving quicker than Darwin’s tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. I’ve been hesitating to write this piece because I know the content will instantly be usurped by more current information. Simply said, if you’re a dentist, you need a scanner. The price-point is so low now that it’s readily affordable for every […]

General Dentists Are Propelling Their Bottom Line With Propel Excellerator PT®

  Accelerated orthodontics is the wave of the future, and with General Dentists doing the market share of orthodontics today, they aren’t afraid to use the big guns to boost their profits. In just 10 seconds, the Propel Excellerator PT® creates micro-osteoperforations that stimulate the alveolar bone to accelerate tooth movement and release challenging movements. […]

Dentists and Dental Vendors- Why You Should Give a $%^* about your® Profile and Ranking

Like it or not, is talking about you or your product. Click on the site, and you’ll see a network of both existing and prospective global customers, clients and patients talking about you and your brand. Neglecting your brand or profile on the site is surely affecting your bottom line. RealSelf® is a community-driven […]