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If Invisalign® is the “Kleenex”® of the Aligner Systems, Give Me Facial Tissue Instead…. Clear Correct®!

2016 is ringing-out with a bang, especially for StraightSmile Solutions®. The aligner and short-term orthodontics markets are rapidly evolving and we are seeing more clients and prospective patients than ever requesting alternative aligner products. Invisalign® is the fluffy and fabulous “Kleenex®” of the orthodontic industry, but it’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of pushback, […]

“ALL ABOARD!” General Dentists Need to Board the Accelerated Orthodontics Train Today Because It’s Leaving the Station!

The American Dental Association reports that over 50% of US General Dentists today now offer orthodontics, either removable or fixed. Patients are noticeably aware that there are solutions to make their braces or aligner treatment quicker and more efficient. Currently, there are three primary products in this market: AcceleDent Aura®, Propel Orthodontics VPro5® and the […]

Orchestrate 3D® is the THE Hippest Aligner Company for the Millennial Generation!

No Tuesday tips, no donut deliveries, no beautiful-blue branding, no summit socialization, no…. there’s none of that with Orchestrate 3D®, but your comprehensive lab fee is less than $200 for a full set of aligners! Want to hear more? Ok, there’s a little catch. You need to suck-down, trim and package your own aligners in-office […]

How Can StraightSmile Solutions® Help Me Get a Job in the Dental Industry?

  Shhhh….StraightSmile Solutions® does much more than orthodontic coaching! Yes, we work with General and Pediatric Dentists every day to incorporate orthodontics productively into their practices, but that’s not all! With over 10,000 connections to date and hundreds more added every day through our numerous social media channels, we are the hottest, trending, comprehensive dental […]

Five Reasons Why StraightSmile Solutions® Won’t Approve Your Product

StraightSmile Solutions® is the first global orthodontic coaching and consulting company lead by an Orthodontist that incorporating the target demographic of General and Pediatric Dentists. We coach dentists and their teams on how to productively and accurately integrate orthodontics into their practices. Since it’s inception in Summer 2016, the StraightSmile Solutions® Team has had a […]

The Top Three Reasons Why Orthodontists Support StraightSmile Solutions®

If you haven’t heard the buzz, StraightSmile Solutions® is the latest, cutting-edge dental service on the market and, Orthodontists are embracing it! Here are a few reasons why: 1. StraightSmile Solutions® aims not to disrupt the practice of orthodontics, but rather to bolster it by supporting dentists and their teams to incorporate orthodontics into their […]

Why Every Invisalign® Provider Needs to Become Certified in Six Month Smiles®

You may have seen my post earlier this week: I proudly became one of the few orthodontists to become certified as a Six Month Smiles® provider. Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of General Dentists with various aligner systems. All too often, finishing cases is a significant barrier to overcome and trying to educate General […]

What It’s Really Like to Get Certified by Six Month Smiles in the L1 Course®

I did it–I successfully completed the L1 course from Six Month Smiles. As an Orthodontist with 10+ years of clinical experience with thousands of fixed and removable outcomes under my belt, this may by counter-intuitive. Truthfully, Six Month Smiles certification has been on my orthodontic bucket-list for years now. It’s a wildly successful brand, both […]

Why DSOs Need StraightSmile Solutions® to Hit the Jackpot

Like it or not, corporate dentistry is infiltrating the private dental space at an accelerated rate. With the changes to the healthcare insurance platform from the previous presidential administration and the ever-increasing insurance premiums, patients are flocking to lower-cost insurance programs and DSOs. Hygiene and pedo patients are virtual gold nuggets for any orthodontic provider, […]

Why Americans Need to Try the Inman Aligner®

My StraightSmile Solutions® clients are always asking me which products I recommend. Since our global expansion, the Inman Aligner® has been a commonly discussed appliance. I pride myself in being proficient and aware of every orthodontic system and technique on the market, but, admittedly, I was totally unaware of this one. Americans often think that […]