Haters and Complainers- WATAFAKA of the DAY!

I realize that my company might upset a lot of orthodontists, and we get “hate” emails and social media messages on a daily basis. Truth be told,  people say that if you don’t get these, you probably aren’t successful – so I try to take them in stride and not let them ruin my day!  Ultimately, our goal at StraightSmile Solutions, is NOT to undermine the orthodontic profession- but rather to educate primary care dentists on doing HIGH QUALITY orthodontics and when to *STOP* and refer!  Our doctors actually have a much HIGHER referral rate out to orthodontists than the average practitioner! 

Because of the nature of what we do, I am now going to be posting some of the “less than pleasant” messages I get since these are FAQ’s. Enjoy! The names have been changed for the privacy of others but the verbiage is directly cut and pasted. I will also be posting my direct responses. I’ll also be teaching you some Hawaiian pidgeon words along for a little fun and games just to spice this up a bit.  Be warned- from now on if you send these kind of messages on any of our socials or emails- they MIGHT just get posted as the “WATAFAKA” of the day! Check back regularly to see who is the next “watafaka”.

Dear Dr Wilson:

A colleague of mine told me that you said T loops, KH loops, and Niti
closing coils were “third-world country” orthodontics.  So may I inquire
as to what high tech methods you use to close extraction spaces?  And
yes, I have read your “blogs” and I know you strongly disagree with
bicuspid extractions.  Thank you in advance for your reply.

Regards, Dr. Upset T-Loop Gable Bend Cantilever Watufaka

Dear Dr Upset T-Loop Gable Bend Cantilever Watufaka-

Hi nice to meet you but I didn’t say that- I think that was taken out of context.I was trained directly by Burstone himself so I know mechanics.

I said it’s “old school” and not always needed if you have proper mechanics and if you use proper growth modification and Phase 1 ortho to treat patients instead of extractions.I have over 8000 videos on my YouTube site with tons of info – please enjoy and learn!Also with good clear aligner mechanics you can get away from all that “old school” stuff- anchorage is WAY better than with braces and it’s such a better patient experience. Aloha and happy Tgiving!