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Volunteer Dentists and Orthodontists

StraightSmile Solutions® supports all kids of the world with their dental and medical needs, regardless of ethnicity and origin and will match any donations to the Vladimir CarePoint Dental Clinic with a donation to any relief organization in Ukraine.

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At StraightSmile Solutions®, we believe in serving those most in need of support. Our office is proud to partner with Greater Calling, a non-profit organization that matches businesses with strategic opportunities with impoverished communities overseas. Through these partnerships, the community overseas experiences transformational development while the partner business is able to focus on workplace culture by building a purposeful brand narrative and engaging employees in meaning beyond their everyday work. Through our ongoing partnership with Greater Calling, our support provides dental care for orphaned Russian youth.

Advocacy for Vladimir Dental Program

Orphaned children are in the sort of need that knows no country or allegiance. An orphan faces hardships and instabilities intensified by war, poverty, and illness, regardless of which side of a conflict line they sit. The Vladimir CarePoint clinic offers continuing support for Russian teens to receive dental care after graduation from an orphanage.

The dentist provides young people basic dental care, such as repairing chipped teeth, filling cavities, extracting damaged teeth, treating oral infections, and more. Twice every week, for six hours, the Vladimir Dental Program provides dental care to over 80 teens. For the young people that receive care at the Vladimir Dental Program, it is often their only means of access to dental care.

Learn more about the Vladimir Dental Program and our partnership with Greater Calling below.

Young people deserve the chance to live healthy lives and unlock their greatest potential.

Our team at StraightSmile Solutions® supports the mission of Greater Calling and is proud to bring care to those in need overseas. A healthier world is a better place for everyone to live, and you can help. Your donation to the Vladimir Dental Program today supports a healthier world tomorrow.